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... is a vocalist, songwriter, musician and actor who spends her time between London & New York.

Her voice is that of a first generation immigrant who has broken the boundaries of her own cultural upbringing.

She grew up in a British Asian community, filled with contrasting beliefs & cultural values, which fueled her journey of self-discovery. 

With musical parents, she was playing clarinet, piano, guitar and singing at age 8. As a defiant teen, Annie Lennox & Madonna inspired confidence in her voice and while performing her own songs at the request of her supportive music teacher, she came to realize her voice and lyrics were powerful and moved people.  

Her early influences included her mother’s love of ABBA and her fathers’ daily harmonium rehearsals of classical Indian Ghazals, Bhajans and Raags.  Her uncle also shared his love of music with her, buying her Bowie, Prince and Queen records that she played endlessly.

A self-taught vocalist, she followed her inspiration and immersed herself in mastering the vocal melisma and emotional delivery by the Diva’s, from Aretha and Etta to Whitney, Celine and Mariah. Simultaneously, infusing classical Indian inter-tonal frequencies by legendary singers such as Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle.

She emerged as a recording artist on Asian Dub Foundation’s “Community Music” which reached #20 in the U.K. Singing in multiple languages on international projects with artists & producers including S-Ken & Punjabi MC, her first Drum n’ Bass EP “Double ID” was a huge success, which she performed nationally on BBC TV and Radio. Relocating to NYC, she became recognized by the underground music scene, improvising live city wide.

Her voice is an exotic blend of soulful and sultry tones, embodied by an unmistakable power; that of a piercingly raw, high decibel weapon. Leading her fans and musical co-conspirators alike to affectionately dub her "Siren of the Human Race". Her music, an inspirational combination of Pop, Soft Rock, R&B and Americana in contemporary style, spiced with British, Indian and American Pop influences.

Her conversational, matter-of-fact lyrics question and confront a judgmental society. Her songs, like footsteps pressed into untouched Antarctic snow, impress upon their subjects her experience as a woman, a minority and an artist.

Innocence, humility, trusting ones heart and instincts, even in the face of adversity are her overall messages, beat palpably on the drum of acceptance and truth.

Samsera believes what the world says is impossible is indeed possible, and her resilience and long career in music shows it.